MONU was created in 2020 with the vision to innovate the availability and distribution of deposit products, an area that for decades has lacked momentum and innovation.

MONU is an open banking platform enabling wealth managers, pension advisors and leading banks to enrich their customer offering by providing a range of attractive deposits products to their customers.

90% of bank deposits in Scandinavia earn zero interest. MONU changes that.


MONU connects deposit banks offering the best fixed income products deposit rates with leading banks and wealth managers. And it removes the most significant barriers savers face in getting better returns on their deposits.


Savers access attractive deposit products without the pain of endless online research or moving to new banks.


Banks and wealth managers can offer best-in-class savings accounts, to strengthen customer relationships and enrich client offering with a product that fits clients with all risk and wealth profiles - all as part of your offering at your website, or app.


MONU gives deposit banks access to leading distribution partners´ customers, thus increasing the visibility of and demand for their savings products. This offers a lower cost of customer acquisition and the opportunity to reduce cost of funding and liquidity risk.

Do you need to offload and monetise excess liquidity?

Do you want to increase your offering to your existing and prospect clients?

Are you looking for a new stable channel for retail deposits?

We can help you navigate the new deposit landscape

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The MONU Deposit Platform was created with a clear goal. Make it quick and easy to distribute and offer deposit products, without adding additional layers into your existing infrastructure. This means:

  • Deposit banks leverage on existing core banking platform, retain full control over key processes such as KYC&AML and deposit administration
  • Distribution partners keep control over the client relationship and the user-journey. From the distribution partners website, savers can easily choose from a range of high-performing savings accounts – all within a bank’s familiar system
  • We organize the partners through supporting the integration to the platform and a providing a clear and flexible legal arrangement
  • The MONU Deposit Platform makes it better, easier, and quicker, for all
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