Deposit Banks

Cheaper Funding

Securing reliable funding can get expensive, especially when the only lever to attract new deposits is to increase the offered rate.

MONU gives deposit banks access to leading distribution partners´ customers, thus increasing the visibility of and demand for their savings products. This offers a lower cost of customer acquisition and the opportunity to lower the offered rate.

It means deposit banks can:
– Reduce the cost of funding
– Lessen customer acquisition costs

Reduce liquidity and funding risk

Overly relying on a few channels for deposit funding exposes banks to funding and liquidity risk.

MONU adds new channels for sourcing deposits, to help diversify and spread funding and liquidity risks.

It means deposit banks can:
– Reduced funding risk overall
– Mitigate marginal funding costs with strategic pricing of deposits on multiple channels
– Adjust to increase or decrease deposit inflows

Increase the stability of deposits

Deposits inflows and outflows can be volatile leading to increased liquidity risk and decreased possibility for banks to forecast volumes and funding costs. This can be the case when banks rely on best-buy tables or when there is a high correlation between deposit volumes and the stock market performance.

MONU tailor-made solution allows banks to achieve stable deposits base, minimise or even eliminate the correlation between:
– Deposit volumes and stock market performance
– Position on best-buy tables

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