Distribution Partners

Reduce & monetise excess liquidity

With negative deposit rates at central banks, it’s expensive for banks to hold excess liquidity.

MONU lets distribution partners optimise excess liquidity by offering savers an easy way to open and manage third party products directly from their site or app.

It means banks can:
– Decrease and monetise excess liquidity
– Reach and maintain balance sheet targets
– Improve balance sheet and profitability KPIs

Enhance client offering

Deposits and savings accounts are the most popular saving products among consumers of all ages, and wealth and risk profiles.

MONU gives distribution partners the opportunity and infrastructure to offer customers interest on their cash savings.  Customers gain access to a range of savings accounts – from instant access to term deposits – without leaving a familiar website, or app.

It means distribution partners can:
– Offer best in class third-party savings products
– Increase the share of wallet
– Attract new customers and saving capital
– Gain a meaningful competitive advantage

Pension advisors can stay closer to their customers

Pension advisors can support its customers in reaching their pension goals by optimizing and smart-managing their cash savings. And at the same time get an insight into an important portion of their customers economy.

It means that pension advisors can:
– Enrich the tools available to support the customers reaching their long-term goals
– Differentiate its offerings to the competitors
– Increase AuM within its platform

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